I’m Thom and this is how I work

Where are you located?

Chander Arizona 

What is/are your current gig(s):

  • Senior Cloud Engineer (IBM Cloud) 

What’s one word to describe your work?

Rewarding – having been in the industry for some time I find it very rewarding to help others through my knowledge and through scripts that I can create to make their jobs easier.

What apps, Software, or tools can’t you live without?

BASH, ZSH, OH MY ZSH, PowerLevel 10k, IBMCloud CLI,  PowerShell, Visual Studio Code, Sapien PowerShell Studio, Visual Studio,  Team Foundation Server, GitHub, Pandora, Slack, Ditto(clipboard manager), Fiddler4, PostMan, Beyond Compare, Terminals.

What does your workspace look like?


What’s a typical work week look like? 

A typical day means looking at my sprint board and discovering what I’ve been working on or should be working on.  Hopefully most of them involve writing some PowerShell code or fixing some code that has a bug in it.  The time that I’m not writing PowerShell. Or taking some PowerShell and wrapping it in a DotNet Rest api.


What do you like best about your role?

The best thing about being in a role that collaborates with all facets of  IT is that you can help each and everyone of them.  I love being able to pitch in and either write some BASH or PowerShell code to help someone, or show them how to write their own code and help them through it.

I also like volunteering at the Legion, you meet so many great folks young and old that appreciate our country and have defended it.  Makes me proud to be an American.

What do you listen to while you work?

I’m an avid listener of Pandora.  My taste varies from Hard Metal to new age Piano.  I often listen to music while I’m writing code, this allows me to focus on the code and become oblivious to others around me.  If I don’t listen to music then I’ll be tempted to join other discussions.

What do you wish you could change about your work?

I wish I had more time in the day to write  Bash and or PowerShell code. Unfortunately because my job entails more than just writing scripts I don’t get to spend as much time on it as I’d like to.

Is there anything else you’d like to add that might be interesting to readers?

As Bryce Matthew stated in his How I work (there are tons of resources out there to help you learn, IT tends to turn on its head about every 3 months or so, don’t be content with how much you know because you can always know more.)

There are a great many of these resources including user groups. Half the battle of learning is making sure that you aren’t afraid to ask, or to dig to find the answer.  Challenge yourself, if you have something that you do that requires you to do it more than once look for a way to use scripting to automate it.  If you do, I’m certain you’ll learn a lot from it and be better for it. It’ll free you up for bigger and better things, and the mundane, will be just a script that needs to be run all the time.


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