(Findit) Locating previously written scripts

Another utility Function that I like to use a lot. Especially since I have quite a few scripts is this script that I and a friend worked on together:

function findit
    [Parameter(Mandatory=$False)]$Path = "$env:USERPROFILE\Documents",
    [Parameter(Mandatory=$False)]$Filter = "*.ps1"
$launcher = "psedit"    
if($host.name -eq "ConsoleHost")
{ $launcher = "notepad"}
elseif($Host.name -eq "Visual Studio Code Host")
{ $launcher = 'code' }

$s = Get-ChildItem -Path $Path -Filter $Filter -Recurse | Select-String $SearchString | select path, @{n="MatchingLines";e={"$($_.LineNumber.tostring("000")): $($_.Line -replace "^[ \t]*",'')"}} | group path | select name, @{n="Matches";e={$_.Group.MatchingLines  | Out-String}} | Out-GridView -PassThru 
 foreach ($t in $s){ iex "$launcher $($t.name)"}

What this will do is Search through the path you pass and look for a file that has a specific item in it… it will then popup out-gridview and let you choose which files to open.

Until then

Keep Scripting