PowerShell Conference Book – My Contribution

If you follow Twitter  like I do especially when it comes to Powershell,  you will already have noticed there is a new book out in the community called Powershell Conference Book.  There are some very sharp PowerShell MVPs/Experts/Enthusiasts that have posted a chapter about what they’ve spoken on in conferences or will speak about.

Author Website
Mike F Robbins https://mikefrobbins.com
Jeff Hicks https://jdhitsolutions.com
Michael Lombardi https://appoint.ly/t/michaeltlombardi
Adam Murry https://tikabu.com.au/blog/
Anthony Nocentino http://www.centinosystems.com
Brandin Olin https://devblackops.io
Brian Bunke https://www.brianbunke.com
Don Jones https://donjones.com
Doug Finke https://dfinke.github.io
Emin Atac https://p0w3rsh3ll.wordpress.com
Fred Weinman https://allthingspowershell.blogspot.com
Graham Beer https://graham-beer.github.io
Irwin Strachan https://pshirwin.wordpress.com
James Petty https://scriptautomaterepeat.com
Jeremy Murrah https://murrahjm.github.io
Juston Sider https://invoke-automation.blog
Luc Dekens http://www.lucd.info
Mark Kraus https://get-powershellblog.blogspot.com
Mark Wragg https://wragg.io
Mike Shepard https://powershellstation.com
Patrick Gruenhaer https://sid-500.com
Prateek Singh https://ridicurious.com
Rob Pleau https://ephos.github.io
Rob Sewell https://sqldbawithabeard.com
Thomas Lee https://tfl09.blogspot.com
Thomas Raynor https://workingsysadmin.com
Thom Schumacher https://powershellposse.com
Tim Curwick https://MadWithPowerShell.com
Tim Warner https://timwarnertech.com
Tommy Maynard https://tommymaynard.com
Tore Groneg https://asaconsultant.blogspot.com
Wesley Kirkland https://wesleyk.me

I am very honored that I was also chosen to write a chapter in this book.  My chapter is about the work I’ve done (SCCM), and dynamic parameters. I explore how to Parse a SCCM log file and then use it together with a Dynamic parameter.  Using this dynamic parameter you can more efficiently locate a log entry with a few keystrokes.

A huge thank you for the opportunity and to the organizers of this endeavor (Mike F Robbins, Jeff Hicks, Michael Lombardi).  Not only did they author their own chapter they also proof read and made sure the other authors were providing good content.

I would encourage everyone to go  get a copy.  There is a wealth of material in this book, while it is intended for experienced users, I believe that everyone can benefit from its content.

The proceeds from this book are going to a worthy cause:

The DevOps Collective, Inc. OnRamp Scholarship

Your contribution will help someone learn a new skill and move forward in their career.  I’m honored to be able to have contributed with a chapter in this Awesome book.

until then

Keep scripting




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