UCS Director – Creating a Custom Workflow Task for PowerShell

If you are familiar with UCS director then you know you can create custom workfow tasks for anything that is JavaScript based.  I haven’t seen a means to do this for a PowerShell Script.  This is how I figured this out.

Note: Without the help of my co-worker  Don Reilly the task would have never worked.  He was able to find the correct methods to call for Director. 

First thing I did was to clone the in box PowerShell Task.

2018-01-05 09_11_59-Clipboard

That brings up a dialog to allow you to choose to clone from tasks that are already there

2018-01-05 09_15_01

Now that I have that cloned I can look at the contents of the javascript to find out how to call my script.   The script I chose to run is one from another community member.  His script gets the last error from the PowerShell agent.  I took his script and saved it to my PSA server in d:\director\powershell\director folder and am using this custom work flow task to call this when there is an error.

On to the rest of the setup.   Once  I cloned the script and then put in the code that I needed with the necessary input’s from the director custom task.  I found that the task wouldn’t run.  Researching further I found that when you clone the task the PowerShell Task itself is running differently than any other custom task.  You can see this behaviour in the screen shot below:

2018-01-05 09_23_22

So I then had to goto my resident expert Don Reilly who helped me with discovering the right controller to add to my custom workflow task.  I’ll step through in pictures what my work flow in UCS Director 6.5 looks like:

2018-01-05 09_26_58

2018-01-05 09_28_50

The input for tasks has one property that i chose to just enter in its values.  In the LOV values for OutputFormat I entered in the values of XML and JSON.

2018-01-05 09_28_50-2

2018-01-05 09_28_50-3

2018-01-05 09_28_50-4

2018-01-05 09_28_50-5

The method added for the controller is before martial with the following calls to the clopia libs:


var agentPairs = PSAgentTabularLOV.getAllPowerShellAgentsLOV();
page.setEmbeddedLOVs(id + ".psAgent", agentPairs);

Here is what my script code looks like in the custom task (Powershell is highlighted in blue in the Java script).

For Clarity here is the script$s = “D:\Director\powershell\director\Get-LastUCSDError.ps1”; if(test-path $s){. $s;}else{“Cannot find $s check path on PowerShell Agent Server”}

// Auto generated to code invoke following task
// Task Label:  Execute Native PowerShell Command
// Task Name:  Execute Native PowerShell Command

function Execute_Native_PowerShell_Command()
    var task = ctxt.createInnerTaskContext("Execute Native PowerShell Command");

    // Input 'Label', mandatory=true, mappableTo=
    task.setInput("Label", input.label);

    // Input 'PowerShell Agent', mandatory=true, mappableTo=gen_text_input
    task.setInput("PowerShell Agent", input.psAgent);

    // Input 'Hide Input in PSA, inframgr logs', mandatory=false, mappableTo=gen_text_input
    task.setInput("Hide Input in PSA, inframgr logs", input.isHideInput);

    // Input 'Hide Output in PSA, inframgr logs', mandatory=false, mappableTo=gen_text_input
    task.setInput("Hide Output in PSA, inframgr logs", input.isHideOutput);

    // Input 'Commands/Script', mandatory=true, mappableTo=gen_text_input
    //Changed the command to be hard coded to a script on the
	var command = '$s = "D:\\Director\\powershell\\director\\Get-LastUCSDError.ps1"; if(test-path $s){. $s;}else{"Cannot find $s check path on PowerShell Agent Server"}';
    task.setInput("Commands/Script", command);

    // Input 'Commands/Rollback Script', mandatory=false, mappableTo=gen_text_input
    task.setInput("Commands/Rollback Script", '');

    // Input 'Output Format', mandatory=false, mappableTo=
    task.setInput("Output Format", input.outputFormat);

    // Input 'Depth', mandatory=true, mappableTo=
    task.setInput("Depth", input.depth);

    // Input 'Maximum Wait Time', mandatory=true, mappableTo=
    task.setInput("Maximum Wait Time", input.maxWaitTimeMinutes);

    // Now execute the task. If the task fails, then it will throw an exception

    // Now copy the outputs of the inner task for use by subsequent tasks
    // Type of following output: gen_text_input

// Invoke the task
<span 				data-mce-type="bookmark" 				id="mce_SELREST_start" 				data-mce-style="overflow:hidden;line-height:0" 				style="overflow:hidden;line-height:0" 			></span>


2 thoughts on “UCS Director – Creating a Custom Workflow Task for PowerShell

  1. mkp

    i can call a locally saved powershell script by using standard native powershell task by saying “poweshell.exe -file Get-LastUCSDError.ps1” which allow me to pass Argument as well.

    so i wonder What is the advantage of using this custom task? can you please clarify?


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