Powershell /DevOps tidbits

I was recently asked what things do I normally use in my day to day activities with Regards to Devops and powershell. Here are a few of the things I use everyday.  I’ll add to this listing as time progresses.

  1. I have a twitter account and I get Ton’s of good useful data from tweets that happen through the day.
  2. I have a users group for Phoenix I chair here is where if you wish to attend you can sign up for the email:
    1. http://mach-me.us11.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=6eeb27da5fc1b28070cb3096a&id=4389b0ed58
  3. I use powershell.org quite a bit for looking up what is going on and other postings.
    1. I’ve gotten tons of good ideas and things from the powershell.org forums.
  4. You’ve Arrived at my personal Blog:
    1. https://crshnbrn66.wordpress.com/
  5. If you are looking for powershell modules and the like you can get quite a bit here:
    1. http://www.powershellgallery.com/
    2. http://poshcode.org/
    3. You can find a lot on github.com as well. My personal github account is here:
      1. https://github.com/crshnbrn66
    4. For training see Microsoft virtual academy they have lots of free training
      1. https://mva.microsoft.com/
    5. Dev Ops type stuff
      1. Tools
        1. https://saltstack.com/
        2. Puppet
        3. Chef
        4. Ansible
        5. Other good tools great article here
      2. Deployment Engines
        1. microsoft release management 
          1. release approvals
        2. Octopus Deploy
        3. Jenkins
      3. Source Code
        1. TFS
      4. Build
        1. TFS
      5. containers
        1. https://www.docker.com/
      6. 9 Devops & Deployment Automation Best Practices
      7. 7 signs youre doing devops wrong
    6. Cloud Technologies
      1. Azure
        1. https://github.com/Azure/azure-powershell

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